WAYNE Choratone // LATTICE BALANCING update 2020

While searching for a non-code based (AVR) way of doing 3-phase speed control on the WAYNE Choratone concept I found a way to discretizing the phase rotation so that an easier way of balancing the Lattice outputs becomes possible.

Instead of running the Lattice outputs through a linear 3-way mixer we use switches operated in a 6-step binary loop, the outputs derived from a clock driven (speed control) Finite-State Machine(FSM). A three bit FSM can be built using 3 D-flops and a bunch of NAND gates.

Through a trimming process all six vector sums can be made equal in amplitude; the obtained parameters can later be used when building a (optimized) unit comprising of a continuously linear mixer. Once this condition is achieved we can verify if the 180 degree component, achieved by summing the 120 and 240 degree components, is really 180 by showing how well it cancels out the original input.

viva Analog // WAYNE Choratone FINITE STATE MACHINE test – jcm(c)2020 from jc maillet on Vimeo.

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