viva Analog “NW-Octaver” // jcm(c)2019

My third and final effort with this approach, first running at 30vdc (“Octave Amp” jcm(c)2009), more recently with a Treble control added. The circuit is now adapted for operation at 9vdc, and boxed into a more compact format.

Smooth rectification, without a whole bunch of fizz, is what this is all about … providing clear octaving – that is, without any distortion on very large signals if desired … there is NO built-in FUZZ in this circuit, this is clean FW-octaving at its best

A precise amount of input signal can always be set, so that the pedal can be used with pretty much any kind of source – from super low-output pickups all the way up to preamp outputs and active basses …

To top it all off, the internal circuit produces a highly matched full-wave (FW) rectified output – thus producing a dirty octave (including 2nd and higher harmonics) that is completely void of fundamental … the idea is to produce an old-school (Roger Mayer “Octavio”) type of octaver with some modern touches and added versatility …

Demo’d here with my ATAK-60 (Analogue Tube-Amp Killer) tube-emulating guitar amplifier:

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