viva Analog // “MOJO-III” non-linear Booster

-> a recent milestone in my exploration of non-linear booster topologies … // in this case a single Triode-emulating stage which comes with a modest gain factor of around 14db (~ x5) … most importantly, the super flat tonal response and harmonic enhancing dynamics are some of the best so far on guitar, and the noise addition is extremely low //

I think I’ve figured out on exactly what basis a Triode Emulating circuit should best be defined, and also realize (taking into account many papers and patents written on the subject) that there are two main approaches to emulating the large-signal Transfer profile of Triode circuits ..

one way involves reactive (often Capacitive) elements present as part of their basic implementation, where the emulation is based on AC response of signals // while the other sees a non-linear operator occurring in the DC realm ALSO, just as a Triode circuit does // … in principle, the later case produces the desired effect without introducing extra capacitor-borne artifacts

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