Teching Vintage Fender Amplifiers

A common bench gig for me is performing total Black-face conversions on CBS-made Silver-face Fender tube amplifiers // of course, this includes restoring the Bias circuit to full variability and properly biasing-in the power tubes … my thing is to go further and add a couple of subtle touches in key areas …

over the years I’ve figured out how to go beyond the straight conversion and give these babes near zero-hum capability, zero pop-corn noise at full volume (when needed), slightly enhanced bottom-end tightness // same as I do on vintage Black-face amps … all this is done without touching the signal path structure or altering gain-scheduling … the end result brings the original designs up to their full maximum potential without “changing” the tonal/gain character in any sort of way // it’s my approach to doing Leo Fender’s legacy full justice …

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