Mojo Hendrix Throb Voltage

After building some WAH-shell Vibe clones in ’95 (including one for Keith Scott of Bryan Adam’s band) I posted my recipe on the internet and distributed the plans around ’98 … these early (de-coupled supply/ground + regulated audio) plans were copied by others shortly after

I recently started a private forum board dedicated to explaining the fine tuning techniques I used back then to get the best UNIVIBE sound possible … you can become a member by purchasing one of my Univibe+ PCB’s

Enter Mr. Dave Foreman, a dedicated Vibe enthusiast from Ohio … Sometime around July he contacted me about helping him tweak some of his DIY circuits … in my work forum he started off by posting the following:

… about a year ago I built up a Nxxvibe .. And I don’t think the throb is quite right.. Just haven’t been pleased with it.. So it’s been dormant until recently I decided to try to make it sound better.

here’s what Dave had to say recently:

Anyway, I’ll get to the present here, the first thing I did to the Nxx was replace the cells again, this time, pointing the cells towards the bulb, and i think since I destroyed the 25ma bulb, it got replaced with the 12v, 40ma bi-pin from smallbear, (I liked the way it looked,:P).. Bingo!…. Swirl was happening, I was happy, yay!!! But I was deluding myself, I STILL couldn’t get the throb I wanted, although I tried to convince myself I did… Now by this time this poor board turned into a Frankenstein board, pads and traces starting to peel, a few buss wire repairs required, etc..

Now enter, the bias offset mod, NOW we’re even closer… But STILL not quite.. Enter 24v supply.. Houston, we have success!!

JC had always said the the LFO and audio circuitry run better at a 24v, and as much as I didn’t realize the original ran at about that!! The moral here, 15V does not cut it, IMHO!!! Running at 24 seems to have opened up everything, INCLUDING what the Bias Offset does for the circuit!!

The recording here was made with my usual amp setup, my Si FF, (he definitely used an FF at Woodstock, not Axis circuit IMO).. So I’m very happy to say.. THIS is what i wanted.

-> Star/Spangle (mp3)

All Vibe PCB boards, whether mine or other copies, can be tweaked, or in some cases modded, to get the ultimate level of VIBE performance … details posted at the forum

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