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In my “unleashedChamp” guide I show how to do two very important mods that turns the silver-face Fender Champs into THE ULTIMATE recording tube amplifier: (i) replaces the standard tone circuit by a semi parametric and noise-less “MID CUT” circuit, and (ii) very detailed mods to the PSU circuit make the amplifier 100% hum-less … when these are done together, the stock silver-face FENDER Champ approaches its peak level of performance … further mods are included to show how to turn this 5watt amp into a blistering 11watt sh*t-kicker … a wide range of possibilities is included here!

a variable depth notch circuit is especially useful when recording harmonica and also, similarly, useful in getting rid of pickup “ringing” in general high impedance pickups … in case you hadn’t noticed, this ringing is a dynamically enhanced tonal artifact that CANNOT be removed in post production … this is why, for example, the Les Paul “recording” guitar was invented …

More than that, these are a collection of all my own personal mods, tweaks and application ideas to the Fender Champ amplifiers // although they can be applied generally to other tube amplifiers these are especially aimed at the Fender Silverface units manufactured until 1979 … I’ll make no bones about it, if you’re looking for the ultimate recording tube amplifier look NO further, this is a must have for anybody looking for maximum tube-y-ness from an amplifier … the fact that these amps are compact is a bonus here!


complete removal of 60Hz AC self-Hum (novel approach), biasing and voltages, overall gain/dynamics and tone response restructuring, discretely adjustable/movable mid scoop tone control (highly versatile), simple and good sounding power-soak/dirt-enhancer, transformer based DI output, installing a speaker (output) jack, …


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