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class-A Instrument Preamp with vintage style Fuzz

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Possibly the best sounding “Acoustic 360” replica available anywhere!

The Acoustic 360 is commonly known as a Bass preamp, since many players in the day used it in conjunction with the Acoustic 361 (1×18 w/o horn) powered cab … when paired with a 15″ speaker system(wo horns) the 360 based rigs can also used to great effect on Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos that are wired passively … even on guitar (paired with solid-state power amps and Celestion 12″ speakers) it sounds fantastic – on other stringed instruments as well … and on wind instruments as the early Mothers of Invention did, the 360 signal path imparts an augmenting aural quality to any source … providing responsive dynamics not commonly seen in modern preamp designs

Portable in size, built like a tank, and sounding GREAT (PUNCHY AND CLEAR like a well designed class-A circuit should) the viva Analog 360+ Pro is my re-design of the Acoustic Control Corp. “360” pre-amplifier … a complete and flexible preamp system with an on-board FUZZ that made the 360 preamp really stand out

Many who played electric Bass in big-stage popular bands in the 60’s and early 70’s used the Acoustic 360/361 pair to get their point across; that’s before the advent of the Ampeg SVT. From the Mothers to Santana and Humble Pie, from Chicago, War and The Whalers, and Weather Report to Led Zeppelin the list of Bassists who relied on the 360/361 duos goes on and on … it provides a round, organic tone, that seems to place the bass where it belongs in the mix

The 360+ Pro includes a faithful reproduction of the original 360 fuzz engine augmented by a BLEND circuit, which independently mixes in (potentially boosted) input signal with the fuzz … the idea is to make the whole thing sound mega-fat at full blast, or conversely to have subtle amounts of fuzz mixed in with a strong dry signal // with variations in between … the fuzz circuit is 100% true-bypass with total absence of residual feed-through //something that could be an issue with original 360’s

The output driver circuit of the 360+ Pro is built around a low-noise op-amp circuit that is optically null-able from a MUTE foot-switch // useful for instrument swapping, etc. The output stage can put out up to 22 volts (pk-pk) of signal before clipping and helps preserve the tonal character of the class-A sections against varying output loads

This modernized version of the Acoustic 360 preamp (head) is designed to drive just about any conceivable type of power amp (tube or solid-state) without ever loosing its essential tonal character

NOTE : the 360+ Pro is now shipped with a 12-position VARIAMP frequency selector, instead of the original 5-position. This gives more options on top of the original 5. Extending up to the Larry Graham preferred 1200hz range.

viva Analog “360+ Pro” User’s Manual (PDF)

the 360+ “Pro” is built using the following HARDWARE: 24mm Alpha pots; Carling 316pp foot-switches, Switchcraft jacks, Lorlin rotary switches, C&K toggle switches; custom wound Cinemag (USA) coils, ear selected vintage Germanium and Silicon FUZZ transistors, Nichicon MUSE and Panasonic ECQ capacitors, …


120vac/2.1mm/24vdc power adapter included with orders to USA/Canada ONLY … customers abroad need to supply their own according to their line voltage requirements AND the required jack/plug polarity (CENTER NEGATIVE ONLY)

the power adapter can be either LINEAR-UNREGULATED or SWITCH-MODE … both kinds should work fine here … The 360+ is protected against reverse polarity


the Acoustic Control corp. “360/361” rig on duty //->>
“live” on Bass …

PRICE IN CDN DOLLARS, includes 24vdc power adapter and air shipping to USA/Canada only … to other countries shipping only is included (ie., no adapter SORRY)…


  1. Doug DeAngelis (verified owner)

    I had been exploring a lot of options in search of that classic, huge, 360 tone. The 360+ is just a phenomenon in so many ways. Crushing 360 tones and the fuzz circuit with the blend feature is spot on and in my opinion improved from the original. All that said – the real magic for me was the discovery that by putting this preamp in front of a high end modeling unit like an AxeFX or Line 6 Firehawk FX they literally come to life for both guitar and bass. Guitar models take on a depth and feel of a vintage tube amp and you feel that connection you always miss – even with the best modeling unit.

    So if you are looking for a great 360 bass tone this is stellar. If you do session work and you love the convenience of a high end amp sim but always wish they had that “feel” and colorful depth you miss – you will be blown away!

    Love it JC!!!

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