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Possibly the best sounding fuzz-less “Acoustic 360” replica available anywhere!

thanks to the availability and choice of top quality components, my very own “minor fixes” to the original ’68 class-A circuitry, careful hand assembly and testing, and in addition a twelve-position VARIAMP frequency extension to the original five (50hz, 100hz, 200hz, 400hz, 800hz) positions, and a revised latching style opto-MUTE add-on – used for switching instruments in a live setting without having to turn down the volume … I can say this is my very best and final basic (fuzz-less) rendition of the Acoustic 360 preamp circuit

It’s all there, … the vintage class-A feel augmented with a few modernities: excellent PSU filtering, low-noise/low-distortion OPA2134 based output line driver, custom wound CINEMAG-USA pro audio grade filter inductor, mix of Panasonic ECQ and Nichicon MUSE signal capacitors, low-noise transistors, Switchcraft jacks, Lorlin and C&K switches

you name it, there is NO skimping here

it’s been 22 years since I cobbled the first 360+ unit together and since then have grown to appreciate the sound this circuit can produce – which is why I carry one with me whenever I go to rehearsals, gigs or the studio – you never know when it’ll come in handy …

My re-design is meant to combine extreme signal fidelity along with robust construction techniques,(ie., hand-soldered and hand-selected parts, using thick CNC’d PCB boards with 1 mm wide tracing) and a compact footprint – in inches: 5.72 x 4.77 x 1.39


here’s a clip of Phill Albert in action using an early viva Analog 360+ Lite unit:

FAQ: A good quality power amplifier is required to drive a speaker cab following the 360+ as it only provides the preamp (tone shaping) function in the signal chain – and not the power driving function … in the original Acoustic 360/361 rig the power amplifier was part of the 361 1×18 “powered” cab … other powered “cabs” can be used in principle / maybe requiring a simple coupling box if the input is differential (eg., as in recent units made by ISP, GK, etc …) … For bass use it is highly recommended to be driving a good quality speaker cab, in some cases a 1×18 to get the characteristic Jaco/JPJ “360” sound … though, nowadays good variations on drivers are being made and alternatives to the low-end concept are available – Eden being one high-quality speaker designer that comes to mind

Price includes 24vdc power adapter and air shipping to USA/Canada only … to other countries shipping only is included (ie., no adapter included)


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