360+ DIY Kit

28.75 $


Level of difficulty: beginner friendly

The 360+ DIY Kit provides the opportunity to build a working replica of the viva Analog 360+ PRO Preamp which features a classic 60’s sounding Fuzz and punchy signal path.

The kit includes a detailed 44-page instruction PDF and a robust high-quality PCB.

The build is designed for 24mm ALPHA potentiometers, which produces an old-school amplifier grade construction.

The documentation is beginner friendly // prior experience building FX pedals is a good idea, but NOT an absolute necessity.


You can add an extra PCB board to your order by hitting the link here :


Weight 0.224 kg
Dimensions 29.5 × 26.5 × 1.5 cm


  1. raphael

    This kit is of great value for all DIYers looking for a great bass preamp.
    The booklet gives you step by step information to assemble the kit, plus you have responsive answers on the dedicated forum.
    With all components ready, the unit can be built in a few hours.
    The unit sounds extremely articulated and clean, above my expectations.
    If you’re on for upgrade there are many things you can do… just talk about it in the forum

  2. Lorenzo David Matellan Diaz (verified owner)

    I own a recording studio in Spain and I must confess I’m a bit picky about bass sounds. Right now we are working in a new album and I must say that the bass player who’s recording loves the sound of the 360 rack version I built, including the limiter addon that can be found in your forum. First time I used it intensively and I’m really happy with it, I usually need some time for the bass sounds but this time it was really quick. I record always with at least another preamp (Aguilar DB680 or some neve clone I have) so I have different flavours to choose while mixing but this time the Aguilar is out, just the 360 and some parallel distortion from one overdrive I built nailed the tone.
    Very recommendable, great sound, lots of info on the forum if you’re looking to expand or customize the build, and JC is always there to help with his expertise.

    Lorenzo Matellan – Headroom Estudio

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