Peavey “Delta-Blues” // Low-Power @ High Dirt Mod

this turned out to be a cool job, coulda been a nightmare (had I tried taking another typical route) … owner wanted what many guitarists want // full-on output stage dirt at low volumes … well, I had done it on Champs and AC4TV’s but never on a push-pull amplifier … after tinkering to find the right value resistance to stick in line with the speaker load (a pair of 8 ohm drivers) the appropriate value this 4xEL84 beastie needed to get it sounding right …

I wasn’t too crazy about the attack qualities of the amp in “stock” mode, even after installing a fresh set of high-grade Czech power tubes, but in low power mode both Normal and High-Gain channels give a squeaky higher-gain edge on transients that is (IMO) more musical than stock … a very recordable sound if I may say (getting nice rich volume swells from a Zoom G1 in the effects loop !!) …

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