jcm(c)’96 // full Univibe+ “parts” Kit

Just released is a “parts” kit that allows you to build the very same original (extended performance) Univibe+ I’ve been making for pro players since ’94 // that is, either in boxed format or in a Dunlop Wah-Shell (the original Wah-Vibe PCB kit !) … the official ’96 signed PCB boards are stable design and haven’t changed since and can be used to embody ALL of my original mods … builders get access to my forum, where supporting documentation and mod options are provided//

$130US air-shipped to US/Canada

(does not include box/shell, AC adapter or opto-Speed controller add-on circuit/parts)

[note: for a limited time only the kit will be shipped with a matched quad of vintage CdSe photo-cells]

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