Frank Marino on Digital Amplifier Modeling

A buddy just told me to check out this interesting (but poorly chaired) interview with Frank Marino – his candid impressions of DSP-based amp modeling caught my attention.

IMO part of the misconception about Vacuum Tubes in Audio Functions comes from the habit we’ve taught ourselves, namely of ubiquitously using the word Tone as reference to sound “generation” quality. In reality (EE/Math-world) the Tonal side only represents one aspect of the overall response – upon where DSP limits itself “mostly” in its imitative efforts.

In fact, the dichotomy between the two main forms of analysis in Spice/EEngineering, and an allusion to Causality, IMO is enough to form a Theorem that answers why/how DSP cannot duplicate certain classes of non-linear analogue circuit responses as we see in Tube amps.

just sayin’ …

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