Excelcior // early-Breakup & sweep-able mid-scoop

Shaun Allen of the group http://www.harpoonistaxemurderer.com/ asked to have his 2012 Fender Exelcior modded so that it would breakup earlier (at lower volume) and see if I could do anything with his problems with his amp feeding back all the time … as those of you who know this amp is very bright sounding, equipped with a limited Bright switch, and no other eq’ing options … not a great situation for a Harpoonist

I gave the output section a four position attenuation/dirt-enhancer switch option // where the user can go from stock/full output to increasing the tradeoff between natural output stage dirt and power reduction … again, works like a charm on the last setting // producing super creamy delight at much lower volumes using a standard Shure bullet mic … on top of this, I’m providing Shaun’s amp with a 12-position rotary control switch and depth control that allows a mid-scoop to be dialed in a 12 different frequencies, and with a variable scoop depth of around 15dB … this wide range eq. mod give a total re-voice of the amp’s response // making it sound like “many” different amplifiers in one …

lastly, I included a treble cut control that at the latest point possible in the preamp … not only can it be used to give the amp a darker sound and help avoid his mic from feeding back but it also kills accumulated noise in the preamp leading up to that point … making the amp appear quieter noise-wire // great for recording, etc …

this has now become a standard mod that I do to vintage and modern re-issue Fender Champs, VOX AC4-TV and other small amplifiers … I also perform this work on not-so-small amplifiers like the ones displayed elsewhere on this page

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