Digital Verb/Delay and The 2-channel Fender Reverb Tube Amp

Here’s a trick you can play to get modern Metheny-esque verb/delay textures using a single 2-channel (reverb shut-off or non-existent) Tube Amp while retaining a good “straight in” response:

go straight into input “1” of either channel (your preference)
then, go from the “2” input of that same channel -> to the DSP box’s input … then from output of DSP box to the “1” input of the other channel …

set the volume on the DSP box so that overall volume doesn’t change when bypassing verb/delay … EQ both channels to taste

this way you get a straight in the amp “fidelity” response plus the reverb/delay effect instead of going through a DSP unit and relying on the internal wet/dry mixer before going to the amplifier … all other effects, Wah/OD etc. are in line with guitar before the amplifier

cheap DSP option would be the Zoom G1 with its 24bit/26kHz front end and 69bit processing depth, it does ok fake/imitations of the long-tail verb/delay

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