DanElectro “Green Ringer” MODS-redux // jcm(c)2020

In 2003 I put out a mod that when applied to my Green Ringer clone made it work and sound better … I called it my “GREEN RINGER NULLING” mod!

To be fair, this made sense from a theoretical point of view as it would match the driving point impedances at each (anti-phase) driving nodes … a basic hand-analysis thing

I realize now that my technique can only correct for component mismatches in one direction only, only working 50% of the time … in other words, I had gotten lucky on that day …

A better approach is to work towards balancing the FW circuit instead, which is done by matching all components involved in the lateral FW circuit paths

So, take out your DMM and match all corresponding resistors, caps and diodes related to the full-wave section (see the updated schematic below)

Perfectly balanced circuit simulations show there is no real need for a NULL/BALANCE control …

GREEN RINGER “redux” // JCM2020

Here’s an all-NPN version of the DanElectro Green Ringer circuit … extra mods take the basic GR idea a little further while including three somewhat well-behaved controls for added flexibility …

The circuit features a BIAS adjust trimpot, a continuous DRIVE control that brings the front-end gain up to 44db total, a variable TREBLE-CUT before going into the rectifier and an output volume control.


With the the HI-CUT circuit disabled and DRIVE control set to 0 the AC circuit gain produces a slightly stronger output waveform than the stock circuit does – shown here driven from a 200mVpp (rough Strat PU levels) signal source…

At high DRIVE the output can get severely distorted from the same source …

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