Dallas-Arbiter “Trem Face” // rare re-build

this re-build involved the following changes : replacing two electrolytic caps by modern equivalents or larger (100uF same, 330uF -> 470uF), replacing all 0.68uF film caps by 1uF Panasonic ECQ-C film, replacing the BC148 oscillator device by a 2n5210, and the missing jFET by a 2n5457, and also receiving a new dual-100k anti-log pot …

the first 2n5457 I picked had no trouble biasing from the (stock) 6.4vdc zener and trimmer // circuit differing against … the noiseless signal path is quite spectacular if I may say (and obviously a basis for other noise-less effector circuits) // almost reminds me of this paper by Mieda

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