Champion 600 // “variable-DI, 3am-Dirt” Mod

A new set of SE class-A tube amplifier output stage mods: hum-less variable DI, spkr kill (useful in DI mode), attenuation/dirt combo switch … this time applied to a current production (medium-gain) Fender Champion 600.

The variable output can be used to send the reflected “load” signal to : a PA, pedal chain (eg. delays), or a bigger tube amplifier yielding old-school “Boogie” tones … check out as061 app. note at Jensen for a version using a high quality shielded coil.

To be clear, the “3am” switch is used to produce higher distortion levels at whisper quiet volume settings // requested by obsessive players who stay up late and want real tube MOJO without waking anybody up. It’s a cheap way to achieve relatively good power soaking and dynamic wave-shaping enhancement combinations.

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