Call of the Wild // Cowichan Valley Chanterelles

Fall time is when I pause to reflect on where I am, where I’ve been and where I think I might be going … it’s hard to describe the feeling of randomly trecking up the steep backs of a river in search of the beautiful Chanterelle mushroom // the Queen of wild edible mushrooms (Morels are King !) … the rainforest setting where they fruit is of the most peaceful sort, and even though the hunt requires effort, sweat, and caution there is no more pleasurable surprise than to land on a small patch of beauties lying in the most unsuspecting of places // under a fallen log or stump, under a density of Salal bushes, or out in an open bed of fir needles … and that’s just the hunting part !!

One comment on “Call of the Wild // Cowichan Valley Chanterelles
  1. Rick Super says:

    they look delicious….bring me some….will they take me on a trip to far-off galaxies???? Aliens sometimes hide in mushrooms and observe the bizarre behaviors of humans….once they enter us they change out DNA forever….

    your buddy rick….G/ A/ B I love your sweet gallery of pedals….talk soon….

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