Artist Feature : Winnipeg’s TIM BUTLER

I remember seeing Tim for the first time in a small bar in Winnipeg in ’87, the same night the Fab T-Birds with Jimmy Vaughn were playing there … the second time was in this “chique” Gas-town bar in Vancouver in ’96 blasting away on an old Marshall 100watter …

Recently uploaded on his youtube channel features a vid showing off a “super parametric” Vibe I built for him in ’98 (on Slow Blues) … as well of a killer jam (I Feel Good) playing alongside Tony Springer, the fantastic blues-man from Toronto // aka “Wild T”. If you meet Tim ask him about the Silverface Twin I modded for him …

-> Tim Butler’s youTube Channel
-> Official Tim Butler Website

Here’s an original instrumental called “Haida Brave” taken from Tim’s self-titled album. One of my favorites of his that we’ve jammed over the phone a few times with …

-> Tim Butler (c) 1996 // “Haida Brave” (wav)

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