Artist Feature: SEAN DRABITT

Sean has shared the stage with the likes of Betty Carter, Mike Stern, every of the Marsalis brothers, and he also leads his own Jaco tribute band in Victoria BC. He recently sent me some righteous sounding recordings of his band along with the following performance notes:

I’m playing a JV Squire Jazz Bass (frets pulled and Maple Strips done by Mike Hortie) through your 360+ Pro preamp through a 361 cab. The musicians are: Sean Drabitt – bass, Brent Jarvis (producer/engineer) – rhodes and synth, Josh Dixon – drums, Roy Styffe – saxophones, Leone Torres – conga and percussion

Brent’s list of gear:

Bass – Audio Technica AT4033, Seventh Circle N72, RME Fireface 400
Sax – royer mod large diaphram – seventh circle N72 preamp
Rhodes – ART tube d.i.
Synth – ART tube d.i.
Congas- royer mod small diaphram stereo pair – RME preamps on the interface
Drum overhead – Spieden SF-12 stereo ribbon mic – seventh circle C84 preamps
Snare Drum – Shure sm57 – Aphex preamp
Bass Drum – royer mod large diaphram – Aphex preamp

recorded at:


-> Sean Drabitt – A Remark You Made (wav)
-> Sean Drabitt – Teen Town (wav)
-> Sean Drabitt – Three Views Of A Secret (wav)

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