Artist Feature: MIGUEL BARELLA

Over the last 6~7 years I have built many circuits to this fantastic piece of high-improv music that my friend Miguel Barella (guitarist) made and sent me. He is strongly involved in the “experimental” scene, both in his home country of Brazil, and also abroad …

I recently asked Miguel for permission to post some audio here, says he: “… it is ok to copy for non-commercial use” … a big thank-you and congrats on creating/sharing these great musical moments! You guys make the North-American music scene look a thing of the past (LOL)


-> Anvil FX “Live Session at Studio Yb” (340mB)

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The second piece comes from the other CD project he sent me, entitled “Slow Link”, and it features Celio Barros on Bass and Kuki on Percussion. My jaw dropped the first time I heard it!


-> Slow Link Track 03 (35mB)

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