6L6 tube amp “Power Dirt” Mod

A continuation in my evolving exploration of the low-power/high-dirt mod. This involves the addition of power resistors with the speaker load of a vacuum tube amplifier … a request by players who want to hear a mojo’ized tube amp sound at lower volumes …

so far I’ve done a ’79 Champ (1x 6v6, 8 ohm load), a VOX AC4TV (1xEL84, 8 ohm load), recently a Peavey Delta-Blues (4xEL84, 16 ohm load) … and lately, seen below, on a Fender Hot-Rod DeVille (2x6L6GC, 8 ohm load) …

In all cases the results are similar, the resistance provides added high end sparkle in addition to the increased distortion produced at the expense of power … I’m hearing really great rock and blues tones here // looking forward to trying this out on an EL34 based amp !!

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