’69 Super Reverb // modding the “SEND” jack

having found a work-around to a blown reverb pan on a recent GA-1RVT resurrection job, I decided to apply the idea to my JTM45-Reverb modded ’69 Fender Super Reverb amplifier to see how it would work there … doing the same thing, applying a terminating resistor on the output of the reverb driver tranny and switching the leads so the signal is not out-of-phase with the signal path I got a killer response while using a Zoom G1 69-bit-depth DSP processor for adding verb and delay to an already great tone … some players old enough to remember will think “Ice Cube”, that plugin thing that went on the jacks of a Fender Reverb amp // it’s a similar idea except that in that case you couldn’t reverse the phase of the signal plugging that gizmo alone as far as straight-drive goes … in my case I can adapt an effector of any kind (pref. reverb/delay) in the circuit and totally expand on the possibilities the amplifier has to offer – namely giving it a more modern feel in the gain and effect department

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