’68 Fender Bassman // re-modded to ’64 specs

I de-modded and re-modded this baby into a ’64 BlackFace Bassman // both channels deliver different and very versatile tones … I replaced all resistors on the main board, and missing signal caps with original ones from similar “era” Fender amps … the usual power tube “passives” upgrade, and a re-adjustment of the PSU circuit to make the ’64 circuit run correctly

the Cino KT66’s that were in the amp before still biased “ok” (28.1mA vs 22.5mA) and respond well to loud dynamics … the “Normal” channel sounds amazing for a blues/rock sound with a full range of “tasty” dynamics // ie., it sounds great on 2, 4, 7 … and 10 … the “Deep” channel is quite aggressive and stunning as well // a total tone monster

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