’67 Silverface Bandmaster Reverb

hadn’t seen one of these before, the Dual-Showman Reverb ones a few times but not a tube rectified Bandmaster Reverb … the owner had won a Mercury Magnetics OPT/Choke combo in a giveaway contest and had installed the F050BM-16 OPT with the output leads flying outside the chassis to a plate carrying three speaker jacks – one for each tap … he had changed every resistor and almost every cap inside the chassis and was complaining of circuit instabilities … when I got the amp it was quite hummy as well …

after checking the whole circuit for cold solders and the like, I then proceeded to : (i) change the passives on the power tube sockets, (ii) fix some serious lead-dress issues inside the chassis (noisy PSU lines traveling too close to signal lines, etc…), (iii) re-biased the gorgeous set of NOS GE-KT66’s that was already in there (and running way too hot) and (iv) installed a Lorlin rotary switch to provide impedance selection on the fly … the darn thing was hard to give back once the work was completed; it had fantastic breakup on 10 and a very sweet top end // quite an awesome sounding piece … now, virtually hum-less and solid as a rock!

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