“Octave Amp” // High-Accuracy FW Rectifier

Inspired by the underlying mathematics behind the operation of the Danelectro “Green Ringer” and Roger Mayer “Octavio” built for Jimi Hendrix, this circuit takes the frequency doubling experience to new depths … It features a high-voltage circuit capable of producing highly symmetric Full-Wave rectification

This circuit tests out what happens when the two lobes that form a double frequency waveform bend are perfectly matched … unlike single-ended PI circuits and transformer based FW rectifiers this one produces ultra high octave-to-fundamental ratios … to the point where the characteristic “ring” that one gets when playing double-stops (try a tri-tone!) goes beyond any other analogue circuit … this is for guitar players seeking a new version of the well-known effect, on bass it gives a very unique ringy fuzz which retains more bottom than your typical fuzz box, on Fender Rhodes it’s insane …

the switching circuit also features a new version of my constant-current LED switching circuit, providing (i) zero switch pop and (ii) adjustable bypass LED brightness (anything from off, low or full on) …

Throughout the recording of Roosevelt Radio producer Chris Wonzer applied the Octave Amp to Joel Line’s guitar hooks to give them an understated edgy character ~ interesting use of the circuit

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